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About Us

When friends or relatives come to the house as guests, everyone will definitely bring out snacks or fruits to entertain. The table was filled in no time. It doesn't look very neat. At this time, if there is a fruit plate, there will be no such trouble. Reemelody
It is out of this consideration that I have devoted myself to design for more than ten years and designed a light and luxurious fruit bowl. Fruits look tempting when they are carefully arranged in fruit bowls. A fruit bowl is a wonderful way to liven up any table or countertop while enhancing the sophistication of your entire home.

The fruit bowls made by Reemelody are very beautiful, and they use clean and transparent glass as the carrier to create a strong artistic atmosphere. Creative geometric line shape, round and comfortable texture. With low-saturation colors, it is beautiful and practical. It can also be given as a gift to a friend or relative.

Reemelody respects the spirit of environmental protection and selects glass materials that can be recycled. Each fruit bowl pours the sweat and hard work of the workers. Reemelody's workers have decades of experience, and the craftsmanship drives them to polish every detail, just to show good quality.

Reemelody always maintains the pursuit of innovation and constantly breaks through itself. Therefore, it has also gained the love and appreciation of many consumers. It's a pleasure to meet you. In the future, Reemelody will continue to improve and create more beautiful products to bring to everyone.

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